Friday, September 18, 2015

4 Tips To Keep Your Sliding Shower Doors Tip Top

4 Tips To Keep Your Sliding Shower Doors Tip Top

Opt For Easy Clean Sliding Shower Doors
If you really want to keep your shower doors spotlessly clean opt for some that come with Easy Clean treated glass. This treatment is a fine film that is applied to the surface of your sliding shower doors. Glass actually has an uneven surface when looked at under a microscope, and bacteria and mould can adhere to it. The film makes the surface smooth which makes it harder for nasty mildew and grime to take hold Shower Glass Doors

Use A Wipe Blade Daily
Little and often is best when it comes to keeping sliding shower doors clean. Instead of a once a month blitz with harsh chemical cleaners and mould removers just grab a wipe blade cleaner every day and wipe the glass down. Then every few months you can use a warm soapy water and good old fashioned elbow grease to give your shower doors a deeper clean. This avoids the long term damage that chemical cleaning products can cause to seals, rollers and other consumable parts, and it’s better for you and the environment too Frameless Shower Doors

Lubricate Your Rollers
When cleaning your sliding shower doors don’t neglect the track and rollers. These are just as vital to the overall functioning and appearance of your doors as anything else. By lubricating them regularly you keep the action of the doors smooth and also help extend their working life. Nothing fancy is needed, just a good glob of Vaseline applied to the rollers and tracks. That way your sliding shower doors will open effortlessly and allow you to easily hop in and out of the shower Folding Shower Doors

Add Some Polish
Sliding shower doors are chrome plated and so the frame will need a clean every now and then to stop it from tarnishing. Don’t use traditional metal polishes for this, as the abrasive nature of them will damage the finish and eventually result in a damaged finish. Instead just some warm, soapy water applied with a smooth cloth or non-abrasive sponge should do the trick Shower Glass Doors in New York

This easy cleaning routine will keep your sliding shower doors clean and in perfect working order, meaning you don’t have to shell out for new doors in a few years.
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